Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Knitter Project - Have YOU started yet?

I received my tags just a few days ago! A sista knitter of ours, Elizabeth @ Geeyouknit is compiling knitting projects from knitters globally for her thesis!
The Knitting Project
The bare bones of it is that we are to create autobiographical portraits of a knitter, his/her life between the stitches by attaching tags throughout the piece. The tags are to be added once per session, more if we want, but the importance on being as personal as possible has been emphasized. Whatever is sent in will not be returned for a few months, this has made choosing a project daunting. I have to knit something that I'm going to want, what, maybe 6 months from now? I wonder what everyone else involved is making!@?


Crystal said...

Cool! What a neat idea :)

Adriana said...

Sounds like an interesting project. I can't wait to see what you decide to do.

Gabrielle said...

This sounds really interesting, I'll be lurking and watching with interest!

I know that you have already had an award but go see my blog. Please have another!

Alpaca Christine said...

I just finished a malabrigo scarf and I am working on a blanket. I figure by the time I get it back one of my fertile friends will have given birth and I can gift it.

erica-knits said...

Nice, I haven't gotten my tags yet but I'm either making a pair of mittens.. or a hat. Next winter? haha I didn't really think this through.
Christine, your comment kills me. Too funny!