Tuesday, 29 January 2008

FO'NOW: Carly/Anne & The Scandal Scouts

I did indeed finish the purple slouchy, which I'm dubbing Carley/Anne half for the lady and half for the mountain. Thus paying tribute to the trip where it was dreampt up and navigating the treacherous waters of name spelling. I think you agree with me that being called the wrong name, or having your name misspelled sucks. I know my pot gets stirred when I see my name as Jenn, vs. Jen. I won't even get started on being called Jenny !!!! ARGH@#! *cough* but anyways..
This is a versatile hat as it can be worn as a beret, or a slouchy. I've written up the pattern, with my cast-on info for Jennifer, and even a lil quip about expanding/elaborating stitches to create your own unique one. Played with lightroom on the pics, originals on the flickr
This will be up just as soon as I get Tobes to do some supermodel shots of it, lest you have to deal with my mug again...but hopefully on the # 1 stunna, Miss. Carlyanne herself.
But hey, while you're waiting let me throw you some eye candy, and introduce you to a group of women who have stolen my heart running with no signs of returning it untill I come out of my scandal closet for a night of mischevious frivolity and sexy-as-all-get-out-uniforms! These were taken by Tobias Visualbass from the SCANDALSCOUTS.COM shoot I helped out with a while ago.
Scout Master: Lulu LaForce Talent Scout: Nikki Awesome Boon Boon Bernadette (CARLYANNE!) dirty deckz bonus shot: Emme Fatal Dr. Yes Please Shaniqua Dior Annie Ryder Starla David Veronique Fantastique warning: your monitor may be on fire. see also: your pants


Toby Visualbass Tobias said...

Carly is going to loooove that!

Breakupovertea said...

The hat looks awesome! I love the color!