Sunday, 2 September 2007

VK Fall 2007 Review

The Vogue Knitting Fall 2007- 25th Anniversary Issue! Here's a wee sampling:
They obviously took the idea of a retrospective very seriously:I don't really see the point in putting some of the patterns from the 80's. Who on earth is going to knit this? The yardage alone is enough to make my head hurt.

But I think that these two are on my Must Knit list: A wine coloured lace hoodie? I'm sold! I love this so much. I whis you could see a bigger picture of the back- it's gorgeous.

I haven't quite figured out one thing- there is a section of the magazine that has photos and website links to several patterns that are offered by various yarn companies, that are supposedly 'in honour' of the 25th anniversary. But when I went to follow up on one some of the links, it seems that not all the patterns are free, which is disappointing to say the least.

There are some really great articles, notably the two interviews with Knitting's 'old guard' (Kaffe Fassett, Alice Starmore, Mari Lynn Patrick, and Meg Swansen) and knitting's 'new guard' (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Clara Parkes, Debibe stoller, Vickie Howell, Shannon Oakey). Their discussion of how the internet has impacted the knitting world is particularly relevant. Go read it!!

Edit:Jen I'm interested in that article since well, the internet has sensationalized almost every aspect of our lives anyways.

Silver Streak by Veronik Avery is what jumped out at me first and foremost. I saw it first on raverly and didn't realize it was actually a long sweater coat till I printed off the -FREE pdf- I'll shorten it somehow, later to be determined. There are some great flickr photo's of the details that are lacking in the vogue issue due to styling. Hell they could style a garbage bag and I'd be like, 'hey jules, think it's too flashy?'


Team Knit ! said...

I love that wine/vine lace hoodie, but the bedjacket? Julie, it will make you look like a piece of pie pastery! lol!


Deniz Bevan said...

Yay for Veronique, who's from Montreal! Can you guess that's where I'm writing from? Do you happen to have a link to the free pattern? Thanks!