Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Yay internet!, Yay FO !

The free internet that I had been tapping into has mysteriously stopped working. Internet withdrawl is a scaaary thing my friends, I knew I was dependent but to what extent-I did not even fathom. Ya'll know it how it is . Of course, this is the time when I had a zillion and one blog ideas, fascinating stories of the cottage and falling asleep under the stars... not so facinating now huh? yep. thought so. However, I have been holding back on you dear readers but with good reason, I can assure. Remember the beaded cami turned halter? The cottage seemed a perfect place to showcase her, so without blabbing further (yaaay im on t3h 1n7@rw3b!) Allow me to introduce you to my modified beaded halter.
Beaded Halter
Inspiration: Beaded Cami by Black Dog Designs and Kelly-10 Feet Tall Yarn: Debbie 6 Debbie Bliss 100% Cotton DK in teal (50g) Needles: 3.5 Knitpicks circular
Beaded Halter
Notes: The pattern itself was more of an outline to me, because I had planned on modifying it so much. It was a great start, because of it’s concise and direct instructions it was easily adaptable. One of the advantages to following in the footsteps of (craftster)friends is learning from their troubles and triumphs.
Beaded Halter
Modifications:First thing I did to change the still then cami was to cast on for 4 instead of 5 scallops on each side and only 3 selvage sts on the side as I was knitting it in the round. Once I finished the lace repeats I knew I would have to shape it by doing decrease rounds every other row until on me it reached my waistband. After that I climbed the intervals, with every 3 then every 4, every 5, every 6 being a dec. round.
Stitch Detail
When I reached my bustline I emphasized the empire waist, I casting off the front side sts using Zimmermans sewn BO. I continued to knit the back until the flap reached past my bra strap. I cast off again using Zimmerman's stretchy sewn BO. For the front I cast on for three scallops, each scallop having 5st leaves and 2 selvage for each side. I knit the pattern once and then added short rows using the wrap method. I did about 8 or 9 rows which should have been substansial but perhaps I underestimated myself. Ha! It’s not me honey, it’s Victoria Secret! Anyhoo….
Beaded Bodice
I grafted the sides together and then thought about straps. I had beads, but no crochet hook. Right. Packed those away ages ago. I tried two thin straps but the proportion wasn’t right for the structure I had created. I needed something solid.
Beaded Halter
An inspiration came to me in my bead box, where I had a few skeins embroidery floss my mind suddenly screamed – “friendship braclets!” So I used the dk to make a four stranded cord of about 3.5 arm lengths. Added beads at the attaching points in the scallops and boom. You’ve got my halter.
Beaded Halter


Cassiemarie said...

Yours turned out beautifully!! I love the color you chose!

Melanie said...

Your BF is quite the photographer!

I saw the pictures on craftster, and couldn't help but come to the blog to drool some more... that has got to be the most flattering top I've ever seen! Of course, it wouldn't fit me quite the same, but now I'm itching to make one ;o) You did a great job on it.


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lekkercraft said...

pretty, pretty!

and the setting... also gorgeous!

She'saCraftyOne said...

You sexy thing!

shopgirl said...

glorious! What a setting, too!

An Abundance of Lisa said...

Beautiful cami!! Great photos too!

Robin said...

That turned out beautifully! I like the modifications you made, and I agree that your photographer is very talented.