Thursday, 23 August 2007

Book Review, Plus Free Pattern Link!

There doesn't seem to be any shortage of knitting books lately, that's for sure. I'm considering this tasty little treat as a future purchase: I admit, I'm a sucker for this kind of knitting book- so well styled, so beautifully photographed, that you barely notice that there is no way you would dress like that in your real life. Seriously, check out that cover model- she's tarted up like a refugee from Dangerous Liasions or something. But I admit, I covet that skirt like nothing else.... "An Affair to Remember"- I love the names of these patterns. And I love the following:

But then I see this, and I wonder how it got in there: Ahem. That's not romantic. That's not even classy. It looks like a lady of the evening has wandered into some country manor garden, and is hoping to make a bit of dough. Keep your eye out for the next pattern book to sweep the knitting world- The Hand Knit Hooker.

I think this might be my favorite, in terms of being quite romantic:

I would make the little sleeves smaller, though. Less wingy. But you know what's exciting? It's available online. Hooray for free preview patterns!!

If you are interested, there is a brand new KAL to join as well! I'll be subtly stalking it to see if anyone dares make that halter dress thingy. And I'll totally eat my words if anyone looks good in it.