Friday, 29 June 2007


Julie was rushed into the hospital early this morning with what doctors deemed a classic case of appendicitis. That's my Jules, classic to the core even in illness! I imagine she's having the emergency surgery quite soon. Remembers that Simpsons episode where Dr. Hibbard performs an emergency appendix removal on the street and tosses it away right before it bursts like a grenade? Yeah, don't want that to happen. I'm sure a lil positive thought couldn't hurt, so if you're reading this..please send those vibes to my partner in crime =) -jsun


Susan said...

I hope everything is alright. I know things like this can really make a person feel shakey. She is in my thoughts.


Leah said...

Ugh, I'm sorry. :( Appendicitis SUCKS.

I had it a while ago; they took their sweet-ass time diagnosing me and it ruptured. I was in the hospital for a week, and out of the hospital with a PICC line in, with my parents giving me antibiotics. While in the hospital, I could not eat ANYTHING; I just felt so sick. I lost 10 pounds in there; I'm 5'6'', 120 pounds to begin with. 10 pounds is quite the difference.

I hate doctors.

BUT ANYWAY; the point is, I hope everything has gone better for her.

Leah said...

Try drinking slim-fasts along with your meals; they're really good nutrition and a good source of extra calories.
Even though they say they're for losing weight, they.. are not. lol. My brother and sister used them for swimming because they were supposed to eat something like 4000 calories a day.