Thursday, 28 June 2007


I finally decided what to do with all my Debbie Bliss Cotton DK that I bought from a sale way back when I was on a yarn spree. I knew I'd need cotton for summer wear, and the beaded cami from Black Dog Designs leapt out at me. I had seen the pattern a while back but it was a post and subsequent knitalong on craftster that movitated me. (side note: I really like KAL's having many people work on the same project provides encouragement, advice and bonding)
It's small now, having only completed the first two knit rows but I have lots of travel time in the comming days (ROAD TRIP!) to chip away.


Melly said...

I am contemplating making the Beaded Cami myself and would love to do a KAL.

j.sun said...

hey melly, I'm looking into setting it up. check your email in a few minutes! :)