Wednesday, 4 July 2007

a wee update: tiger love

I dont have much time to write as I'm headed back to the hospital to see Jules. That brave, courageous girl- I tell ya. Complications ensued with the surgery so she's been back in for the past day and night. I pray they release her today. Coincidentally, I have surgery tomorrow aswell. (It's been planned for months) From what I understand they are going to "scope" my knee and take out the bone fragments and extra cartildge chunk I have floating around from the accident. In non-health knitting related news, I saw a completed back piece for her CPH which looks amazing. the dual twisting cables pop just so and are nicer- in my opinion than owl cables. I've managed to make a bunch of progress on the beaded cami while at jules' bedside. No photos today, but I'm more than sure you understand.


shopgirl said...

Oh I just read the news about both of your surgeries! I hope you are both feeling better and are recovering quickly, with plenty of drugs!

Julie said...

Explanation of 'Tiger Love' - Jen sent me a text from work saying that everyone sends 'tiger love'- I think the auto complete and a typo created a very cute misunderstanding- they were sending 'their love'.

j.sun said...