Tuesday, 19 June 2007

A tale of another kind....

Friday was payday for Team Knit at work, and like any sane person would, we rushed to the nearest mall. We started in H&M, where I found two handbags I fancied. A chic cream/white one and a brown hobo which looked kind of blah until I stuffed Lelah in it to get an idea of the normal shape. Then, with knitting inside, it was absolutely perfect. I hesitated though, still wanting to make the rounds while Julie shopped in case I saw anything better. I didn't. Julie also had purse issues, I had to convince her Julie to return the first gorgeous purse in favour of a smaller, equally gorgeous but more "Julie" one. Then we trotted back to H&M, I bought my purses, and we began the subway trek home. So what? You're probably thinking, I go shopping all the time. Why mention this in your knitting blog? Here's why. I opened my bag to pull out my Lelah, only to discover she wasn’t there! LELAH'S GONE! My mind races at where she could possibly be and then I remember- The brown hobo! I never took it out! And it had been three and a hlaf hours since I 'tried' it in the purse! And I hadn't thought of her since! I just finished the freaking decreases! F*&#$!!!! I was flipping out because not only do I have lelah in there, but also three sets of needles- two addi's and 1 knit pick circular. I was nearly in tears when we get back to H&M, like a mother frantic to find her child. And there she was, sitting safe and sound on the cashiers mantle just as Julie predicted. Julie suggested we take a photo. The rush of relief is comical and soon I'm laugh/crying over how worked up I just got. I hadn't realized how much a project can grow on a person before. I really felt as if I'd lost my baby.
Reunited at long last


Julie said...

One the subway back to the mall, I kept saying to Jen, "Lelah will be there, I promise." and in my head I was thinking, dammit, I really hope I can keep this promise! Because after I said that, I told her that if Lelah was gone, i'd knit her a new one. Like I don't have enough WIPs on the go already! I felt so badly for her, though. Mush-mush!*

*note: in Jen/Julie speak, 'mush-mush' is what we say to each other as a kind of sympathetic sound that translates as "I feel your pain". It can also be used sarcastically.