Wednesday, 20 June 2007

New Yarn!!!

I got my yarn for the Central Park Hoodie!
Knit Picks Peruvian wool in 'Cranberry'. Love it. The colour is exactly what I wanted-- a deep, lipstick-red. Perfect. I was so excited, that after I swatched for gauge (and went up a size on my needles, so good thing I checked!), I started on the back.

I'm pretty excited about this project, and thanks again to Carrieoke for the inspiration!

Next up in today's yarn porn, we have something I've been coveting for a while:
Oh yeah, baby. That's 800 yards of 100% cashmere. So soft, I have to stop myself from constantly fondling it. So soft, I'm contemplating knitting myself cashmere sheets, I need to be surrounded in this bliss. Nothing is softer- not babies bottoms, not fluffy kittens, nothing. Since knitted cashmere sheets are not going to happen, I was thinking of something to sleep in made from this lovely pale pink softness. I'm still trying to decide between a camisole and short set, or a lovely and lacy short nightgown, with tiny, delicate straps. It's a shame I sleep alone, I tell ya!


Dipsy said...

Oh yummy, this is some stunningly beautiful yarn that you got - I especially love the one for your CPH, it's going to look awesome in that colorway! Happy Knitting!

Team Knit ! said...

hey jules, i heard that the wool you are using is "stiff"

.. that true?

I'm wondering if I should order some later on for that phildar cardi?

Julie said...

Totally untrue. The yarn is actually pretty springy, in my opinion, and since I'm done the back of the Central Park Hoodie, I like to pet it. I think it's cuddly, plush, cozy, and squishy. It's a coarser grade of wool than merino (100% Peruvian), but it's not stiff. I bet whoever said it was is trying to work on needles too small for the yarn. On 5.5 mm it is heavenly!