Friday, 22 June 2007

My Bedside Reading....

In addition to being a full-blown knitting geek, I'm also a full-blown book geek. Nerdiness just comes naturally to me, really. I tend to approach things with interest in how I can learn more, what else I should be doing, and how am I going to learn to be better/wiser/nicer to people who walk slow, etc. So, in my endless quest for improvement, I do what comes naturally to me. I research. Lately I've been reading:

I got into Elizabeth Zimmermann through brooklynweed's ongoing EZ projects, and his general opinion that she is amazing. Since I think BrooklynTweed is pretty amazing, I thought that I'd check out his source. And suddenly all the math that Jared goes on about for his sweaters made a hell of a lot more sense.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's blog is so addictive, I've carefully combed through every entry (that's research, NOT stalking!) and laughed and got a bit teary-eyed and really understood why she's so popular-- it's that total honesty, that self-depricating humour, that very Canadian slant that I adore. I think I may have sat next to her on the subway earlier this week, pulled out Thermal, and entered into a large conversation about knitting. She looked a lot like the Yarn Harlot, if the Yarn Harlot has recently gone dirty blonde, cut her hair into a fetching bob, and put on a bit of lipstick..... but then everything on her blog tells me that she doesn't wear make up. And don't people who want to hide from their adoring public try to look less glamourous? But then if you wanted to hide from those who knew you never wore make up, lipstick would really throw them off the trail. So I'm not sure. She did talk a lot about socks, though. And when we talked about the Toronto Knitter's Guild annual Knitter's Frolic- which she had written in her day planner. Hmmmm.

Regardless, she proclaimed my Thermal "gorgeous" and asked where the pattern came from (that would be the lovely Laura), and the we parted ways. I hope one day I'll meet her in person (and be sure about her identity) and sort this whole thing out. In the meantime, I'll keep reading. It helps me feel sane when the knitting threatens to make me crazy.


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