Thursday, 7 June 2007

Phildar Shrug, the Recreation

I have a funny feeling that the pattern for the Phildar shrug that I covet is nothing more than a circular shrug in feather and fan stitch, with ribbing at the 'sleeves' to give it a more sleevy look. I noticed this when I saw on Angel's blog her lovely Phildar shrug, and it reminded me so much of the circular shrug. What do you think?

My version wouldn't have the ribbed sleeves, but be edged all in picot. Despite the fact that picots are a pain, I think it would be worth it. Of course, I imagine I'll get to this right after I finish all my other projects, quit my job, solve world hunger, become emperor of a small sheep-filled country, and learn French. Although I might do a little doll-sized prototype sooner just to see if my instincts are right on this.


Angel said...

Hey, thanks for your tag. The Phildar shrug is actually so simple to knit but great outcome. I highly recommend it! The picot sleeves idea is great and I find it much easier than the boring k1p1.
Good luck and happy knitting!