Friday, 8 June 2007

Lelah, the difficult little wench

I'm mad at Lelah- we are barley on speaking terms at the moment. I had carefully done measurements and calculations to consider how to get the lace to work with the fact that I'm starting with a lot more repeats than I'll end up with, and not have any bunching. I got to the point where I was starting to do decreases to get to the empire waist, but suddenly I needed to take 40 stitches out. Yes, 40. That's a lot of decreasing. Especially if you don't want it to bunch in that billowy, pregant way. Suddenly, near the empire waist, I relaized that I couldn't do all the decreases the way I thought. I need to frog, substantially, and try again. Frogging sucks. I feel like I've frogged so much since I've started this project- I frogged the first version, when it was too small, and I've frogged inches and inches along the way. I feel like I've knitted enough lace to make 10 Lelahs, and ripped it all out again. Like Cyn my Craftster-Tank/Tube-Along-buddy says, It eats away at the soul! Especially when it's the only thing I'm working on. I need to pick up another project, something to soothe the soul when Lelah has played too many mind games with me. So, when I gather the emotional strength to pick Lelah up again, I'm going to do the decrease like before two on either side of a stable pillar. To also cut down on sts, I will decrease the two purls between the lace to one, and of the purls between the merges to a single knit stitch. It will make the joining decreases smoother I believe. We here at Team Knit believe no entry post should be without pictures. Enter my favourite new necklace, happy in a field of clover flowers.