Tuesday, 12 June 2007

A Typical Morning for Team Knit

This conversation was conducted via email, over the course of four hours of work (we really do work at our jobs!)

Jen: The Summer Knitty is out!
(Team Knit goes and investigates all new patterns on knitty.com)

Julie: I like sophie, zinzin, wisp, and unmentionables- they look like comfy house pants for lounging around in.

Jen: I like coachella, but would want something sexier in the back.

Julie: Too. Many. Socks. I like knitting socks, but not that much.

Jen: I would have liked to see something for the house. Like that Knitted Chandelier you showed me?

Julie: Ooh, yes. The chandelier on Anthropologie . But you told me I was insane. It's still on my mental list though, of things to knit. I'm still looking at zinzin: I think I would use smaller ribbons. And I would need to live with someone, so they could do me up. (moment of self-pity).

Jen: Or you could invent a bow tying robot.

Julie: Not a bad idea. The robot would need to be able to do buttons, and dress zippers. God, that would be brilliant!! I've been looking at Sophie a bit more-- I think I would make another slash in it, in the body, just to up the sexiness.
(I imagine the black slash that I added would be cut out, like the neckline).
It would compliment the neck slash a lot more. Thanks for the rice krispie, by the way. Yummy!

Jen: I think it would look good on a manequin, because of the way the top sits. Keep in mind, tummy is taboo these days- remember how out of place that girl looked yesterday? Ps. I want a robot who can compute my outfits for temperature, comfort and occasion.

Julie: Right.... (remembering girl wearing tummy bearing shirt and looking like an idiot) I meant as a bar top, though. Not a Saturday afternoon top. You know how some things look right in a bar, but look slutty elsewhere. I don't know, I'll think about it. Wisp looks really functional, though. I've got that Rowan kidsilk I've been hoarding for a wrap. Did you decide what you're going to work on when Lelah is being difficult?

Jen: I have a ball of white mohair haze that I need to use up. Wisp looks like a good use. Not a lot of yardage needed. I worked on Lelah last night completely changed how I said I was going to do the decreases, the new way looks much more chic. But I do need a few more somethings on the go. Tonight I'll cast on for the shopping tunic. I'm torn between fuschia and navy blue- what do you think?

Julie: Hmmmm. I vote Navy. More versatile. And I can't wait to see the Lelah decreases. Want to go knit in the park at lunch?

Jen: Yes! Lets go now!


robin said...

That email conversation totally sounds like one I'd have with my blogging friends (while at work). I agree with your Knitty pattern pics!

robin said...

I meant "picks" not "pics" - d'oh!

Team Knit ! said...

I've been thinking about the coachella, a little bit of lace a la victoria secret, might just jazz it up that extra notch.