Friday, 22 November 2013

Pin Ups: What I'm Into This Week

Think you're too busy for a high protein, healthy breakfast? No you're not. Make these! Also good for snacking. 

I love this fabulous purse upcycle. Now I want to go scavenging for thrift store purses in need of a makeover! 

Can someone please throw this hot chocolate party and invite me to it? Pretty please? It looks amazing! 

And should you be invited somewhere awesome like a hot chocolate party, maybe you might want to make this orange and chocolate chip coffee cake. 

I love this idea- what a perfect, special DIY gift to give to someone for either the birth of a new baby or for a wedding gift.  The tutorial focuses on the birth of a baby, but I think it would be a very romantic wedding gift, too. 


Loulou said...

I want to make that orange and chocolate coffee cake with or without a neat hot chocolate party to go to .... but if you find one, please allow me to tag along! :)

Tanis said...

I want that purse!!!

Meegan Galante said...

The star map is the most adorable thing ever!! Kawaii!:3 And also for me mornings are very hectic so i love the little breakfast cups. And i need that purse. thanks for posting. Ilove your blog!!!

Hilary said...

I never have time to browse Pinterest anymore, so I am really loving these posts! Repin, repin, repin... :) Thank you!

Rachel said...

Ahhhhhhh, hot chocolate!!! So need one of those, fantastic post, take a look at my blog, !