Friday, 4 October 2013

Pin Ups: My Favourite Things This Week

This grilled cheese is right up my alley- I adore grilled cheese, and all it's variations.

Gorgeous DIY bracelets. The bright colours are a must.

This modern knitted quilt is so stunning. I want it. Pattern in the link! (sorry for the small photo, it gets blurry if I blow it up)

I love this 1950's cotton thread advertisement- I'd frame it and hang it on the wall!


Loulou said...

Nom nom on the grilled cheese sandwich! They're a favourite of mine too. And now I want one.

Little Miss Know-it-all said...

Zwicky is a traditional Swiss company, only a few miles from where I live in Switzerland... :)

The company originated in 1840 and produced silk threads, exporting all over the world. All of northeastern Switzerland is famous for textiles (e.g. St. Gallen lace). Now the old factory site is being used for modern lofts and indie companies, very cool!
However, there is another connection for me because one of the sub-factories was built in the small town in Germany where I was born, which actually had more shoe manufacture, and the whole company was brought into G├╝termann threads about 10 years ago - the boss is once again a Zwicky!!

Your picture is from a 1940s ad.

Jenn said...

I think I may have to check out how to make those bracelets.

Teresa Gregorio said...

They're all great, but holy cow. That grilled cheese looks like a dreeeeam!

Hilary said...

Grilled cheese, mmmmm. And the bracelets are so cool! Btw, I made the mac and cheese you posted last week, and it's amazing. Thank you again!

Cassy said...

Mmmm. I love your Pinterest posts. I made the one-pot mac and cheese that you posted awhile back and it was AMAZING! Thanks for the inspiration, Julie.

eliza said...

oooh, that grilled cheese looks divine! i totally agree about the kitty advert. wall-worthy, for sure!