Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Reduxi: Book Launch and TTC Knitalong

My book launch for Tangle went very well, and it's a nice relief that it's 'out there', although when it's in stores and available on line, that will feel like it's totally out there. There are some photos on instagram, although I wish I knew beforehand that you can't right click on instagram photos (at least, I can't right click on my phone, and the photos didn't originate on my camera phone, since I'm in most of them).  If you'd like to see them, search #tanglebooklaunch. But a friend came out and has just blogged about it, so check out Loulou's blog for some shots!

We couldn't find a sitter for Lila that night, so she came too! She was super well behaved, although stayed up waaaay past her bedtime. I thought for sure she would fall asleep, but she knew a good party when she saw one.

I participated in the TTC Knitalong again this year (In the last 4 years, I've only missed last year's, due to having a tiny newborn at the time), and had a blast. I'd love to say I remember to take lots of photos, but I don't- I get dazzled by all the yarn, and the chatting, and the interesting knitters, and the knitting, and did I mention the yarn? But here is my haul:

The fabric basket was a wonderful little gift I won in the draw for the knitterly goodies at the end of the TTC Knitalong, which was donated by Ewe Knit.

The yarn specs:
I got a skein of Americo Abrazos in a deep  fuchsia, and a skein of Llama lace in a lovely grey. Both of those are going to become shawls or scarves. The deep rust is Cascade 220, and going to be a fox hat for Lila this winter.  The white and lighter fuchsia is Cascade Ultra Pima cotton, and going to become an Aquae Tank, and the butter yellow Berroco Weekend is going to be some Wrap Me Up Puppies. Now, if only I could cast on for everything all at once!


Christina - a Baby's Smile Knits said...

Congratulations on the book launch!

I'm so upset I totally missed the sign up for the ttc knit along. Hopefully next year looks like so much fun

Seanna Lea said...

I always want to cast on all the things when I get my yarn in. Unfortunately, most of the appropriately sized needles are already in projects forcing me to finish something before I start something new.

Jolene said...

Congrats on the book launch! Looks like it and TTC were both a blast.

Evelyn said...

What a wonderful achievement ~ congratulations!

Loulou said...

Congratulations on your book launch Julie. The party was a lot of fun, and thanks for linking to my post about it!

Mari Gayle said...

Congrats on the book launch! I adore the fabric basket. Too cute!

Hilary said...

Congratulations again on your book and the book launch! So awesome.

And nice yarn haul! :)