Monday, 22 July 2013

Modification Monday: Royale Sans Sleeves

Original Pattern: Royale

Knitter Extraordinaire: Corinne (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Eliminated the sleeves to make a vest, changed the location of increases and decreases for waist shaping. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: A richly textured vest like this is a wardrobe classic, and Corinne has the prettiest one I've seen in a while. I don't think enough people consider turning a sweater into a vest, despite it being a fairly easy modification. A great pattern like Royale modifies into a vest quite well- the original pattern has waist shaping and set in sleeves, so it's easy to eliminate the sleeves and have a great vest. And you don't even need as much yarn as you would for a full sweater. Wouldn't you love this stunning vest in your wardrobe?


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful vest. I have some yarn that I was planning on making hats and mittens with but now I'm going to make a vest instead :)


Jules said...

Really nice! The pattern just pops. Don't know how I missed the original--it's a great pullover, too.

Heather J said...

I have been wanted to knit a vest for ages. I have looked and looked at patterns never thinking about a sweater pattern! Thanks

Nat at Made in Home said...

The cable work is amazing!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a sexy professor vest.

Maryse said...

Beautiful! Well styled too!