Thursday, 20 June 2013

Review: The Knitter's Tool Tin

I recently got a chance to review this amazing little knitter's tool tin from Sarah, a.k.a The Sexy Knitter. I've been following her designs and blog for ages and had no idea that she had an etsy shop! Sarah very kindly sent me a wonderful little tool tin to review, and now that I have it, I'm not sure how I lived without it.

The kit contains:

1 Stitch holder 

• 1 Cable needle 

• 1 Double ended crochet hook (has a big end and a small end)

• 5  folded paper star stitch markers to fit up to US 8/5 mm needles (handmade by Sarah herself!)

• 1 pair of (flight-safe!) scissors

• 3 needles: 1 sewing, 1 large eyed/blunt needle, and 1 large eyed/sharp needle. 

• 1 Retractable measuring tape 

The one thing that I'm adding to my tool tin is a small quantity of fingering weight yarn, because a) I often take my stitches off my needles to check measurements more accurately, or to hold stitches for the front or back of a sweater; and b) the bit of yarn makes the tin absolutely silent, so there's no rattling around of any items while the tin is accompanying you everywhere, like your knitting does (maybe that's just me?!). Check out Sarah's Etsy shop, here.


Zenitude said...

I love her tins, especially the alpaca face tins! But I find the $8.50 shipping a little steep.

Linda Cobbe said...

It's worth it just for the double ended crochet hook which is great for dropped stitches in garter. Very difficult to find.

Sheryl said...

My MIL got me a case like this a few years ago that I love but this is even better because it is smaller and more portable!

I'll have to put this on my wish list!

The Sexy Knitter said...

I sadly have to agree with you, $8.50 IS steep! Sadly, the USPS basically doubled the cost of small packages being shipped internationally, and sometimes that $8.50 doesn't even cover my costs. :( Your best bet as an international customer is to grab the 2 for $40 listing, which has $10 shipping. That makes each tin just $25, shipped! And of course, don't forget that depending on where you live, the exchange rate likely works in your favor, as well. :)

Katie said...

Love this! Although I have practically everything in the tin, already assembled into a little bag. But this would be so much more portable!

Anonymous said...

This looks so useful! I have thought about putting one of these together on my own, but I'm way too lazy :P

Voie de Vie said...

I also really like her designs, so it doesn't surprise me that this tin is so super. I've pretty much got a bag with all of these things in it (except for the double-ended crochet hook, go figure!), but if I didn't, this would definitely make my list of must-haves.

Anonymous said...

I have my own home-made version of this little knitter's tin, but not as snazzy. I didn't even know that flight-safe scissors and double-ended crochet hooks existed! I can see how handy they would be.

Anonymous said...

I made myself the same thing, but from a Michael's gift tin ($1.99). I put 2 magnetic strips on the bottom to hold needles, a little plastic holder for stitchmarkers,(Clover stitch markers) the double crochet hook to fix mistakes, a cut tiny scissor I got in a sewing kit once, and couple of end caps and on the underside of the top part I taped on a cheat sheet for the kitchner stitch. (I make alot of socks!) It goes with me everywhere. Even on planes.. no one has stopped me yet. I even made them as Christmas gifts for my knitting buddies.