Friday, 9 November 2012

WIP: Red Tanenbaum Mitts

 It was shortly after I finished my Fiddlehead mittens a couple winters ago that I thought to myself, 'I should knit one pair of mitts for myself every winter.' I don't know why, exactly- something about a new pair of mittens seems like a nice and cozy way to celebrate a new season. And you know how it is, after a certain point in your knitting (long after it crosses over from 'hobby' and into full-blown obsession) you just can't fathom buying a pair of mittens anymore. I mean, anyone who has worn well crafted, handmade mittens know this to be true- They are warmer, prettier, and softer than anything commerically available.

I'm currently working on a pair of Tannenbaum mitts, after finding some Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in my stash in a lovely shade of red. I need red mittens in my life!

Thing is, an unblocked red mitten looks sort of sad. Especially this one, all thumbless. I like to do my thumbs at the end, after completing both mitts. But once they are both done (I'm just about to cast on for the second mitt), they'll have a good blocking, a couple thumbs, and a nice photoshoot. In the mean time.... here are some awkward, unfinished mitten photos guessied up with a fun union jack cushion and picmonkey borders:


Angie said...

haha!! Your comment "I need red mittens in my life!" gave me a good laugh this morning, thank you! Spoken like a true knitter scheming any excuse to just keep knitting :)

I make my daughters new hats every year. It started when I first learned how to knit hats then snowballed from there. They love them though and come late summer they ask what pattern I'm going to use for their new winter hat. We pick out yarn together, and search Ravelry for the perfect pattern. It has become a tradition I guess. So I fully understand the need to make yourself a new pair of mittens every year. Can't wait to see them finished!!

Zenitude said...

I love red, especially against a snowy background!

Tanis said...

Love the red and I love those pics with the photo corners! So cute. I need a new red knit.

Evelyn said...

Red accessories of ANY kind for winter is a must for everyone. Love your new mitts ... even in their unblocked form.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently working on my first pair of mittens. I'm hooked! These are a christmas gift for my mum, so now I'm counting down the days until I can make a pair for myself :P After seeing yours, they might need to be red!

Maryse said...

Funny! I thought: "Normally, her knits are so much neater!" I look forward to seeing the finished product ;-) Blocking is magic ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't remember this pattern before.
Just queued. Your red mitten looks really nice!
I've been thinking of knitting at least one pair of mittens in my queue for myself this Winter, but just can't get to them yet. Hopefully before Spring arrives.

Happy Weekend!


Ruth said...

Mittens are great, I blogged about them this week too :) I love using interesting sock yarns for mittens as they get seen more.