Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sweet Striped Halter

I might as well say it, I'm a sucker for fashion magazines. I don't think a day goes by when I haven't flipped through one. Today it just so happened to be in line at shoppers drug mart and with InStyle. I love the bulk of that magazine, nice and solid. 4 pages in I see this:
Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft Striped Halter Sweater Was: $39.00 Now: $24.99
I was lost at first glance. Suddenly, I was looking out onto an ocean cove where my lover is on the beach. The wind carries the scent of spice, salt and citrus. I can see my buff (and shirtless) Matteo wannabe and he's waving to me from behind a giant grill filled with fish that, naturally, he has speared himself. "Shoppers Optimum Card? Miss, do you have a Shoppers Card?" Aaaaaaand we're back in line. Not on a yacht, not wearing this magnificent halter but in front of a man who needs a shower in the worst way. But the knit! It's hard not to like this one, mmm? It comes in two colors
Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft Striped Halter: Ann Taylor - Loft
And the stripes! The stripes I welcome in earnest. I'm digging the casual nautical vibe and at $24 it's a steal! Other than the fitted waist, it's a lot like the Berroco Lippit one you might know.
What would it take... more waist definition and stripes? Finer gauge and a thicker ribbed band? Thoughts?


marisa said...

It looks like the striped halters could be recreated with some light sock-weight yarn and a wee bit of waist-shaping. I adore the thicker ribbed band. The neck-tie thing might be a bit trickier; looks like it's woven, not knitted. You might have better luck using a length of fabulous ribbon from Mokuba (575 Queen W). I'm sure the Berroco halter's neck thing is knitted, but it just seems like a bad idea to me, what with all the stretching knit fabric is prone to do.

Cirilia said...

I'll be honest, for $24.99 I'd just buy it! It's 100% cotton which is good, usually cheap = synthetic fibers = gross.

Either way, I hope you get your nautical fantasy. I'm working on a blog post about magazine induced fantasies.

Tee hee, the word verification I have to type in is "nsdwino," which reminds me of Johnny Depp's tattoo.

yoel said...

That looks like a super-fast knit. All in the round, bottom-up, without any sleeves! If you have enough svelte va-va-voom to pull off a horizontally striped, tight, halter top, NOTHING you can do or not do with knitting is going to make the whole package look bad.

But definitely beware the stretch--go for a smaller needle than you might ordinarily!

Hilary said...

CUTE. I don't necessarily think a finer gauge yarn would be required, but I agree with yoel that a smaller needle would help. I think tightening it up around the armpit area would also make it more like the magazine version (the Berroco one's a little saggy). Can't wait to see what you do with it!

CanarySanctuary said...

Agreed with above :) I think it's highly similar - the only things you really have to alter are the waist definition, stripes, and ribbing at the bottom. Very good eye!

natalja said...

Have you seen his top? I think it would look cute on you, too. Other than that, I agree with the commenters above!

Cassiemarie said...

If it were me, I would even consider extending the ribbing to right below the chest, then you wouldn't have to worry about any waist shaping. It is a super cute top! :)

Knit - R - Done said...

That is so cute that you reverse engineer sweaters that are less expensive to buy. I have tried to recreate Walmart sweaters is non-disgusting yarns. It's something only a knitter would consider doing and it's awesome.

Ambret said...

I really like those sweet striped halter..