Thursday, 12 June 2008

Marc Jacobs & V. Beck take on the G. Square

It was very hard to ignore these ads due to the fact that a) She looks like a total nutter b) Forget-me-nots are my all time favorite flower and c) THOSE LOOK LIKE GRANNY SQUARES!
So maybe they're not actually granny squares. But it's fun to think that he may have been inspired by one of crochets simplest and most recognizable forms. Some real forget-me-nots from the last brunch in the beaches.
forget me not forget me not You know what else is amazing? These right here. forgetmenot forgetmenot
I picked up as many as I could graciously manage and then a few more last fall visiting Kevin at Toronto's interior design show. I pretended to be "Tiffany Rose" who had left the porn industry in hopes of making it as an interior decorator. (Kidding!) Tiffany is actually a co-worker of Kevin's and I thank her for letting me play designer. I can't wait to plant them on our new rooftop patio :D In other celeb worthy news, Kate Bosworth takes on the grey cardi.
kate bosworth chloe
I've been informed by other bloggers that the dress on the left is from H&M. Then she went head-to-toe Chloe. Purse, bag, dress, shoes, glasses-everything Chloe. I'm not a fan of this knit. Usually I love ugly chunky knits but this doesn't do it for me.
kate bosworth chloe
Lets dissect. Simple garder, or more of a prime rib/brioche combo for the texture around the arms and waist/chest? The seaming is horrendous. I'd shoot myself if I seamed that badly. Designer-schminer IMO.
Silver streak from Veronik Avery is much more sophist than this. In particular, I like Sarastus'. I just adore that she shortened the length significantly. Check it out!


Hilary said...

That grey cardi, in addition to the bad seaming, also has such a weird shape at the bottom! I like the *idea* of this sweater, but...ick.

P.S. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty :(. I don't know what I'd do if I lost my little guy...

Reckless Glue said...

I find it interesting that Posh would allow herself to look so uh, "ugly" in a photograph.

Erin said...

I hadn't seen that cardi from Vogue before. Putting it in my queue now...

Jeanette said...

I agree about that seaming! And the button(less) bands are weird.. like they picked up too few stitches when they knit the band. So many designer knits are poor design or poor quality for the money. Makes me happy I can knit myself a for sure well-made version of something fashionable!

By the way, I like your blog! I've been reading for a bit.