Saturday, 24 May 2008

TEAMKNIT! Weekend Edition: May 24

Hi everybody, it's been a while since one of these so tip your beverage of choice and dig in to this slice.

Jen needs to choose a dress for her boyfriends relatives wedding. So far it's 2-1 black dress. What do you think?

Dress #1

Very bright blue in color. Made of microfiber, lace and silk. A long blue silk sash under the bust breaks up the waistline and is also long enough to be tied in the front. Fitted but light.

lace bust detail

Dress#1 Detail


Raw cotton. A crisp contrast of the white embroidery and die/crewel cut flower pattern. Very full skirt allowing fabric to swish for miles when spinning. The dress has a crisscross back design with a long straps for tying. They can looped them around in the front to define the waist a bit with enough to make a generous bow too.

Here is a close up of the lacy bit.

Dress#2 Detail

Jen's note: I tested the blue dress last week and loved it with very matte black nylonss. but mentioned that the outfit needs patent shoes and/or some bling embellishment. for either dress more tanned skin is needed. I is le pale. Julie pale even! Time for me to hit the L'Oreal Sublime Glow again. If you are of my skintones and need a self-tanner I 100% suggest this one. I probably should go for the pale but I always opt for medium to dark coverage.

Let's break it down a little:

1. It gives you a full shade of color within 4-5 applications. No overnight tan thank god.

2. It is firstly a moisturizer so your skin is soft and sweet smelling.

3. If your pale like me I suggest using it once and seeing how you like the color. I would use it in the evenings when I got home vs mornings/nights to prevent the discoloration of my sheets/clothes.

4. There is a fleck in the lotion similar to Olay's Quench that we all love. Shimmer with out being a disco ball.

5. Last, but not least I recommend shaving and exfoliating before you apply it so your color lasts longer.

I know it sounds like a lot of rules and things you have to do but if you follow them all then I guarantee this will be your favorite summer moisturizer/tanner. Cost: $8.45!


Also, if you don't have a tinted moisturizer I whole heartedly suggest this one by Lancome.

1. SPF 20
2. Sheer buildable coverage
3. Light Diffusing - see this photo for reference.
4. I use #1, the lightest of available three shades.
5. It lasts all freaking day and is a great base for powders to grab onto. (I use & love Clinique's Super Double Powder in 07 Matte Neutral fyi)
6. Can be applied with fingers but a foundation brush or a stippling brush gives best results. A good foundation brush is your best friend for seamless application.

Next up are some awesome knit sightings in Toronto.
A tad voyeristic maybe? The key is to not let them know. shhh.


Spotted: Queen W & John




Spotted: Queen E & Caroline

Purple Tigress

Spotted: Purple Purl

Jen & Toby's New Apartment! (some Blair Witch like filming included)

Guilty Pleasures:

Headley - Never to late
Julie's homemade peanut brittle
Quaker Chewy Yogurt & Vanilla granola bar (150 calories never tasted so good)
Golden Skans by Klaxons
Rock you like a Hurricane by Scorpions

Salvatore Ferragamo - Incanto Shine

An equation since the beginning

Bec on Blades

Bec Jules and Jen try their hand at Kevin's new apartment(that we're painting today!)




Adriana said...

I vote for the black dress. I think it looks lovely on you and now I want to get one (where did you find it?).

Aimes said...

i vote for the black dress too!! i love the bottom of it and it looks so great!!

Team Knit ! said...

I found it at Winners a few weeks ago. There are tons of great dresses there I'm noticing lately. Good prices, both together came to -+$70.

yoel said...

I'm also voting for the black. It would be super cute with black and white spectator heels! I think the waist on the blue dress is too high, and the black is more flattering. And the lacy part on the bottom is beautiful!

Hilary said...

I'm going to be the voice of dissent here and vote for the blue dress. I've always thought blue was a good evening color for us blondies and I love the pretty lace at the neckline. Though you really can't go wrong either way.

P.S. Thanks for the self-tanner recommendation -- I need some immediately.

hibou said...

I LOVE how the blue one looks on you! Black Shmack!

HeHa said...

I vote blue - I like the length better on you

CurlyToot said...

I'm another vote for the blue, the colour looks so nice in contrast to your blond hair.

maybe a coin toss to decide? :D

Allison said...

I vote for the black dress - the twirly potential of the skirt will make for fun dancing!
I've been hunting for a good sunless tanner recently, so thanks for the tip :)

Karolion said...

I vote for the blue dress. I like the color on her :)

Ella said...

I vote black. I love the va-voomy aspect of the top, and the lace detail at the bottom is gorgeous. With some black and white heels? Yum.

BTW - I am *SO* knitting that tiger thing.