Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Total Mackage and Coat Covetland

I can't get enough of Mackage I LOVE their designs right now. I'm mainly eyeing their knits and fall/winter coats - lord knows I'll wait for a sale though. Shits expen$$ive! But the leather detailing? Ugh. Perfect. I've got a huge covet going on. Their leather pieces are rad, but I wouldn't wear a leather jacket unless it was this one. Mackage-alix -Alix Love this one too Have you ever heard of Soia & Kyo? I'm swooning over these two mainly the one of the left. soia-kyo Clearly, my christmas money is burning a hole in my pocket.


Yarn It said...

Those coats are awesome! I love the one with the knitted collar. I wouldn't be able to afford it...but I can sure covet it!