Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Grey Mystery Hat

Today, ladies and gents is the birthday of Kevin Chow ! "Hells yeah even at 3 I knew how to roll son!" He leads an exciting life, traveling to foreign cities and is constantly surrounded by beautiful ladies. it's a hard life but someone's gotta live it. I gotta mention that Kevin is a super dope rollerblader, or as our crew dem say - "Hollerblader" !
So basically I thought it only fitting that the hat I'm currently (now not so secretively) knitting for him to be named after a trick... TeamKnit was founded on a cross-country rollerblading pilgramage to bittercoldshowdown, don't forget!
TopSoul I'm using very small 2.75mm needles so that the stitch deffinition will pop but in a very soft subtle way. TopSoul I love how the baby alpaca hairs heather the deep smokey grey. TopSoul TopSoul I hope you enjoyed this peek, now please everyone wish happy birthday to Kevin!! Wooo! College!


Susan said...

Great pics!


sulafaye said...

Happy birthday, Kevin! It has to be happy if you're with these women... said...

Happy birthday, Kevin!

Julie, I added you to my blogroll, but your emails are getting sent into my spam folder again so it makes it harder for me to actually reply to any of your comments. Stupid wordpress, when will you learn?