Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Baby Norgi Drive-By/ T.O Confidential

Okay, I finally cleared the slate a bit to work on finishing Baby Norgi for my friend's little one. So here's a progress shot:Trouble is, I started knitting this thing months ago, and I'm not sure it'll still fit him anymore. And to be honest, I'm a bit.... bored with this. I don't know, maybe it's the reindeer, maybe it's the boring colours I chose. But the Baby Norgi ennui is definitely there. I'm hoping that the excitment of steeking will perk things up.

I assume the steeking takes care of that jog in the round, because right now, that's ugly:The major reason I chose to knit this (other than my bizarre compulsion to take on more WIPs than I can possibly handle) was to try steeking, since I haven't done it before and I have a secret project that will need that technique.

I'm dying to talk about my secret project (of my own design, to boot), but it is a Christmas gift for my mother and she checks my blog. I'm suprised at how much this pains me, because I'm usually an expert secret keeper- I actually had a job that was titled 'Confidential Secretary' (a seriously weird title that made it sound like I had lunch with James Bond on a regular basis. Truth is, we only had lunch together once and all he did was moan about how Moneypenny won't talk to him anymore), that's how top notch I am in keeping secrets. But for some reason I am dying to blog about my secret knitting project. Just. Dying.



elizabeth marley said...

The sweater looks cute! And I'm sure the steeking will be super exciting.

Glenna C said...

Go go steeking! Using a small project for first practice is a good plan. And it will all work out and the sweater will be fab.

crystal said...

I want to hear about the secret project! Umm, not that the baby sweater isn't great, it's fantastic. But the allure of the POSSIBLE and the IMAGINATION is totally getting to me here. Tell! Tell!

sulafaye said...

The only thing more fun than keeping telling everyone you have a secret that you're keeping!