Monday, 8 October 2007

A day of thanks.. for sleep, great friendships and lots to post about

I started a new job recently and since then I truly haven't had two seconds to rub together. I feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that my hard work has made such a beautiful store. Knowing that I'm contributing to a company who has a mindset that I not only approve of, but aspire to be like. I've been inspired to be a better person and to cut down on trash talking. Sure it's funny, but in a mean spirited way- not cool. Toronto's jadedness had firmly grasped me with it's fingers. But speaking of fingers, I learned a new way to knit when mine get tired of the usual English style way. It's still English, but I'm taking cues from Continental's index finger movements and double wrap around the pinky to obtain gauge. I;m still hammering out the kinks as I tend to knit a bit tighter like this... but the result is even. I could be talking out of my ass, but I think it's good to switch it up, possibly even prolonging carpal tunnel from creeping up. *oh the fear!* Fear. Holy crap. I just realized Halloween is three weeks away. Jules and I should go at two big knitting needles and then get some mesh for the body between us. Nah, we're missing out on the main element that is Halloween- the sexy costume. What are you going as? Have any ideas for Team Knit? Knitting, oi! That's what I really wanted to post about. It's been so long fragments of things I've been building up to say are just pouring out! Forgive me! In the knitting department, Julie, my love, has been amazing with keeping you entertained. I can't thank her enough for picking up the slack in my absence. After two years day in and day out together I can't help but miss her terribly and wonder what mundane details I'm not hearing at all hours of the day. One thing I know however, is that we still have the uncanny mind-link sisters have. Proven, when unplanned we both decided to go to Romni's on a whim and bumped into each other at the exact same time!! We had a little yarn date roaming up and down the aisles pausing to point out winners and losers. so the cat ate a monet... We called this one "So the cat ate a Monet (and then puked on my yarn)" silky sea goodness this the "Silky Sea Goodness" koigu-alike "Koigu-alike" so want this "Impasto" (after it reminding me of a van gogh from the moma)

I have one last thing to share today, my pictures from Nuit Blanche. I had little time to see the exhibits, but I made sure to stop by the Knit Cafe who was hosting a "Pom Pom exchange" pompomming away at Knit Cafe Mine turned out horrible. The string was far to thin for the size of the round I was using..So in a huff, we then we went by a house, that was completely wrapped up, like a present. Standing outside was a lamp post wrapped in yarn, so of course I took a pic or two.. Nuit Blanche Nuit Blanche

I think I've written enough for today, but I hope to get some time on Thursday to update you all with my second montego progress, and the Parishil hat. till then, keep stitchin bitches. xo j


Team Knit ! said...

Aw, there's my girl! Miss you, babe. I was wondering when those yarn photos would surface.- J(ulie)