Saturday, 6 October 2007

The Beginning of the Sudberry Cardi, and Wedding Gift Regrets

I offically began swatching for my Burberry Cardi knock off last week (which I've decided to call the "Sudberry Cardi"- Because I'm from Sudbury, Ontario, and I like to pretend I'm clever that way). I decided to go with KnitPicks Merino Style: It's not quite the fibre that the original is, but the alpaca/silk blend seems like it might get saggy. I'm lying, my real reason for not going with the alpaca/silk blend is because this is an experiment and the alpaca/silk bumped up the cost of the experiment substantially. This way, if the whole thing refuses to come together, I'll have only wasted $30 and tons of my time, instead of $60 and tons of my time. If it goes well, I might knit one in black in the alpaca/silk, and compare. Hey, you gotta dream.
I've begun working on the back panel, which I figured for the xs size, would be 15.5" inches across the back. I based this calculation on dividing the bust/hip width (which is 31") by 2 (for front and back). I knew that I was going to add 2 stitches to each side to allow for seaming, and I got gauge at 3.75 mm needles. So I cast on for 89 stitches. Originally I had cast on about ten more stitches, but it was too big, so I frogged and took out 10. It's all better now.
I'm going to a wedding this afternoon (well, when I started writing this blog post it was Saturday- so bear with me on the timeline), and was naturally rushing around yesterday to buy a wedding gift for the happy couple. I had it in my head that a lovely throw blanket from Pottery Barn would be good, but I became disgusted when I saw these:
And they were retailing for $115 (CAD), which is beyond ridiculous. By the way, I checked it out on their website- it's %100 acrylic. What the muffin are they thinking?!

I realize that I now need to approach the announcement of every event that I know I'll be bringing a gift to with the question: 'what can I knit for this?' I'm kicking myself for not thinking about knitting an afghan for Steph and Steve ages ago, when the engagement announcement went out. Instead, I went to Williams Sonoma and spent waaaay too much money on very fancy Peugeot salt and pepper grinders. I find myself hoping against hope that they'll return them, and realize that the amount of money that I spent on them is indicative of how stupid I felt for not starting on knitting them an afghan.


Team Knit ! said...

holy crap i know excactly the throws you are talking about. I went into PB with my mom a few weeks ago and I sat (on a very comfy chair-mind you) balking at how much those freaking ACYRILIC blankets cost.

I told myself right then and there that I (although a self profesed knitting machine) needed a real one, so i could churn out lovlies like that on a whim- and not months of knitting before hand.


ps. want to go to snb at lettuce tonight? I get off at 9...but i can't remember how late they go.

Team Knit ! said...

wait. it's tuesday. *duh*

need a tea. stat.

Romina said...

yea... I agre, those acrilic afgans are beyond expensive.

Maggie said...

EEEE!!! I just got your package in the mail! Thank you so much, you really went over the top! I will write a blog post about it soon, but I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you now!!