Tuesday, 7 August 2007

wip roundup

Now that my passionate fling with Montego is over, I'm turning back to the projects I left by the wayside. beaded Cami: After knitting a few rows of this on the subway this morning, I remember how much I love this bright teal. I've knit this up to my ribcage now, two more completely boring and arudous inches and I'll begin the task of emulating an empire waist from the top down. Yikes. Kelly, look out for an email of utter confusion. Saartje booties: Finished! Just waiting to be blocked, buttoned and bundled. Moderne Mason-Dixon: I'm beginning to think I'm never going to finish this, after knitting 6 color logs the garter stitch is getting to me. I'm bored out of my freakin skull. This is worse than math class@!

and now for whats new.. Tuscany by Amy Singer
I received my latest order from knitpicks on Friday! I ripped open the box anxious to pet my yarns when lo and behold- a shocking pink stared back at me. Orchid? This is what shine sport-orchid really looks like? Wow. I must have been half asleep when I chose that color. There is no way in hell I'm going to wear a tuscany shawl in that awful color. I'm sending it back tomorrow and getting three more skeins of Gloss in Burgundy to match the single skein I originally picked up for Eunny's Endpapers.
Finished Counterpane Clutch by Girlwhoknits
Also in that box, were two hanks for a sleek black and possbily beaded Counterpane Clutch from Handknit Holidays. I've been in want of dark evening/clubbing wristlet for some time and this one is just the ticket. I like this image for the strap possibilities. I almost like the big lalana version more, but lack patience.

And last but not least, I can be seen knitting Montego in a skate video. Blader Session #13 to be exact. One of these days we'll have Kevin, our PR manager to guest blog about how origins of TeamKnit!, its officers and our amazing sponsorships. Yep, we're sponsored- but not in the way you think. Which reminds me, Jules - We need to do that photoshoot for Issac asap! *edit jen's: I've been spotted already! Got a random email from some dude with the link. Someone go watch the video for me and tell me it's not as bad as i think it is because I haven't see it yet!!! freaking out over nothing right?


Kelly (10 feet high) said...

The beaded cami pattern isn't really that confusing, I just made it confusing because I didn't read it the whole way through first, ha. When I got to the point where I wanted my bust seam, I cast off only the front half of the stitches, leaving the back still on. Cast on a couple stitches on either side of the back for your selvedge stitches cause you'll be knitting this part flat and seaming it to the front later. Knit that back part as long as you want it (should be enough to cover the boobs because your front peice will be the same length). Then do your front piece and all that, and seam it all together. I seamed the bottom and top together first, then the sides.

*This is how I would have one it had I realized my mistake earlier. If you want to do the short rows for the back, I think you'll have to do it the way I wrote about with the grafting. Which probably isn't too bad, but I just hate grafting anything more than toes.

** I love teal too, and your clutch looks great.

Kelly (10 feet high) said...

Whoops, err.. The clutch is by someone else. Too bad you can't edit anonymous comments...
Well I still say it's lovely.

tobias said...

your guest appearance is at 5:30 in the frame! representing the team !!

luxeloops said...

I love that clutch. Where is the pattern from?

Team Knit ! said...

Oh, you're supercute in the video!!! Knitting at the skate park- well, that brings back memories *cough cough Ohio cough cough*

Team Knit ! said...

thanks for the extra info kelly, I think i'm clear on it. I cast off the bust last night, and started working on the back. When i get to the front short rows, perhaps if i start them a couple of sts in, it will minimize the grafting? I'm not too sure honestly- but I'll find out when I get there! :P

re counterpane clutch: I found this pattern in the book Handknit Holidays. As a general rule, I dislike posting other peoples work for confusions sake, but it was impossible to find a book pic that looks as good. Shout outs to Girlwhoknits!

ps. fisheye is not flattering to my figure in ANY way, though I am flattered to be in the video :)