Thursday, 2 August 2007

What the......?????

Where to begin..... Well, I spent all evening pushing to finish the Waist Cincher Top from Knitting Lingerie Style. And despite measuring, and measuring, and measuring....see that freakishly tiny armhole? And freakishly tiny neckhole? That should be plunging neckline.

Yeah. The only thing plunging are my hopes of looking fabulous in my chocolate brown sweater. That I cannot wear. Because it's completely f**ked up!!!!

Basically, I needed to lengthen the stockinette section by at least two inches, and length the armholes by another two inches as well. So I'm 4 inches off.

Four. Flipping. inches. Gagh!

*Groans. Sighs. Goes off to take a shower to wash the smell of failure away....*


robin said...

Sorry to hear about that. I just found a big mistake yesterday in the lace on my Surplice Bodice Camisole and have to rip it back. Yuck.

lekkercraft said...

oh dear, that's discouraging! i've been there too - i guess you can chalk it up to a learning experience.

Clare said...

yikes! I'm about to start this one - I was just looking on flickr for pics of finished ones and came across your's... any advice before I end up in the same spot?

Team Knit ! said...


Well, my biggest problem was that I wasn't taking time out to evaluate where the stockinette was landing on my body- I followed the pattern too closely, if you ask me. I should have stopped and checked where things were sitting, and how much longer the stockinette needed to be based on that. I think that since there is so much variety in women's bustlines, it's important to stop and see how it's fitting your particular bustline before getting into armhole shaping. Also, I had trouble with the neckline, the picked up stitches- I think next time, I'm going to crochet the edge, it would be more elastic. I will make this again, though- and be more vigilant about checking my progress against my body!

Clare said...

wow thanks for the advice! I'm not the most advanced knitter and I usually just muddle my way through with mixed results. I'm sure I'll have issues picking up stitches too (I usually do) but I don't know how to crochet so we'll see... brown is nice btw - I was thinking brown but then I found some really cheap debbie bliss cotton angora yarn on webs($3.89 ea!!)in a silver grey colour. Anyways - thanks for your help. :) :) :)