Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Lady that gets Around

I'm working on Lady Eleanor, the much knitted and much blogged wrap from Scarf Style (Ed. Pam Allen). Like everyone else, I'm also using Noro Silk Garden, but my colourway is #243, full of cool-toned earthy shades of greens, greys, and plums. Isn't that lovely? Don't you just want to curl up on it's cushy softness?

Except those of you who know Noro Silk Garden know that it obviously gets it's name from being dragged through the bushes at some point, and I'm convinced some of it's 50 grams is coming from the bits of plants and twigs that are still in the yarn. I'm also not impressed with how it gets very thin in some places, and is thick and chunky in others. And last but not least, there seem to be weird bits of curly, elastic-y whit bits in it. I pick them out. But.... it does knit up beautifully. it's colourways are perfect for entrelac, and it does make for a cuddly wrap, when all is said and done. And I'm hard pressed to think of any other companies putting out such wonderfully artistic and varied colourways.

I'v been knitting on 5mm circulars, not the original 7 or 8 mm it called for, as the Noro knits up much better on 5 mm. I don't expect to be finished it before the end of summer, since I'm just chiselling away at it between other things. But I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it come fall. Here's a close-up: