Monday, 28 May 2007

Coveted Objects of Knitting Desire

As many knitters do, when i'm not actually knitting, I trawl the internet looking for things to knit, things to inspire knitting, and various forms of yarn porn. I get cold easily, but also adore skimpy tops, so there are mayn reasons to knit things with sleeves all year long for me.

I think both Jen and I adore deviating from patterns, forging out on our own, and really just thinking about knitting far more than any sane person has right doing. Currently, I covet and e-stalk the following items:
I would wear this to work. And probably every day, since I'm convinced the office is way colder than it really is.

I love this little shrug, and the way it just seems to say, 'I will go with everything in your summer wardrobe'.... but only if not in that minty green shade. I don't think I've ever said to anyone, "hey, you look great in minty green." You know why? Because nobody does.

I will knit this or die trying. I love it to death.

I'm not usually a big, chunky, bulky cardi fan, but this, THIS I love. This I would wear. Of course, Kim Hargreaves is on of the many knitting goddesses I worship.

Another Kim Hargreaves. Love the Williow sweater vest. I do not own a single sweater vest, because I keep saying that I could knit one so easily. Yet I never do. But this might change my mind.


j.sun said...

for the record, i look good in minty green

Julie said...

You say that, yet I have never seen you in minty green. I dare you to knit yourself something in minty green and pull it off!

(Gasp- I just though of something.. all weird shades of green look good on me... might minty green work on me? My head.... it's spinning from the shock....)

j.sun said...

well from previous example of me in minty green HERE. I think I'll accept that dare miss.

I actually quite like the shade that it's in even. I think it's dainty and laaaaaaaaadylike. The first one is gorgeous too, the color would look great on you.

but I don't know what you were thinking with the beige cami. bleh.

Katie (blogless) said...

where do you stalk that first tiny sweater? Where else do you go for inspiration on the internet?

Julie said...

I don't know, I think you loko better in other colours, but it works. Fair enough. as for the cami- I love it. I don't love the colour, but options abound. hey, maybe I'll knit you one in minty green. ;)

Kate: That first tiny shrug is from Philar, I love their stuff, bu the patterns are in French. Not exactly a language I knit in. they have lots of great stuff there for inspiration:, then click on 'models to knit'. Hope that helps!

Susan said...

What is the purple shrug from. I'm loving it and think it needs to be added to my knit-list.

Susan & her blog

Team Knit ! said...

Hi Susan,

That first shrug is from Philar- I love it too, but I really wish Phildar would translate their patterns into English. You can check the shrug out at

Dece said...

I'm in love with the little purple shrug. Must have it even if I have to write the pattern myself. Do u think its a top down raglan construction or something with a lot of pieces and seaming?