Tuesday, 8 January 2008

I want Scarlett Johansson's blue knit hat

I could use some of the extra debbie bliss cotton dk from my halter. It wouldn't be as warm, but it would be study and hold it's shape better once it's been worn, i think.
It wouldn't be too hard to figure out either, double stranded in dk, 5.5mm circs, maybe 6mm so the gauge is looser. 1x1 rib for 10-12 rows, increase row for beret then 2x2 rib for body then choose decrease method.... flatter tam-like would be nice
totally mayjah. i've got the shopping buzz bold bright color knits plain wool coats with bright purses neutral and leather gloves.. long and scrunchy or short, cute and bowed knee/thigh high soft suede boots (sadly not possible in toronto) deep greens, jewel blue tone with tiffany blue tons of silver, tons and tons knits are looser with positive ease & lots of drape one shoulders and nude knits red tartan + Ralph Lauren equestrian look shiny black patent "this spring i'm all about the ___________________."


Team Knit said...

Isn't it funny how celebrities look just like normal people when they have those awful paparazzi photos take of them? I mean, she looks so... normal. Like any other girl wearing a cute hat and too much lipstick. Awww!
- Julie

Team Knit said...

i know right
the lipstick is a bit much

Glenna C said...

You should totally knit the beret, it would look great on either of you! And the stalkerish photos give you great reverse-engineering detail.

Hilary said...

Weird -- I just finished a hat YESTERDAY that looks just like this for my sister in law (who, it has been claimed, looks just like Scarlett Johansson). Mine's a little more tam-like, though, and not quite so slouchy. I based it very roughly on Ysolda Teague's Gretel. I'd love to see how yours turns out and what pattern you come up with!

dlittlegarden said...

Oh my god! That's so funny- I just knit a hat very much like Scarlett's for my friend.

Team Knit said...

^^nice! Gonna stalk your blog now.....lol