Friday, 20 September 2013

Pin Ups: My Favourite Pins of the Week

Who doesn't love easy french toast? Now, who doesn't love easy french toast bake with a warm pumpkin spice?!

I love this floral boots DIY. What a great way to revitalize old boots! 

Want an easy weeknight meal? How about this amazingly easy crock pot chicken fettuccine Alfredo


Jennifer Cummings said...

I am in love with pumpkin right now (well, really all the time) and I can't wait to try that french toast. While browsing the website from whence it came, I found an absolutely delicious pumpkin oatmeal. I've made it twice this week :)

Voie de Vie said...

I'm also in on the pumpkin love - that french toast looks great.

Hilary said...

THANK YOU for that bun pin! I've been looking for a new 'do, and this one actually works with my crazy-long hair. Yay! I'm also totally making that French Toast this week, YUM.