Friday, 9 August 2013

Pin Ups: My Favourite Pins of the Week

Ombre t-shirt DIY. Think of the colour combos you could come up with! Wouldn't this be beautiful yellow/pink? 

I made this rice for dinner the other day, and it is going to be a new staple around here. It's fast, easy, and my kid and husband LOVE it. 

I love these DIY earrings, they look so pretty. 

This marmalade pull-apart bread looks like the perfect thing to have for brunch. Or for tea. Or for a late night snack. Or right now. 

Are you just 'sort of winging it' when it comes to weaving in your yarn ends? Here's the proper technique


Renee Thielman said...

These are really awesome. I hate weaving in ends, maybe if I actually do it properly I won't hate it so much haha!

Ashley said...

Ah! I've actually been weaving my ends in the proper way. Who knew?

Definitely repinned that ombre shirt and those cute earrings. I've been looking for more everyday crafty things to occupy myself and those seem perfect. When I get sucked into Pinterest I usually pin all of the recipes, but my DIY board is lacking considerably in comparison.

Bonnie said...

OH!!!! I'm so excited to see that ombre shirt. I must make one... or several. Thanks for sharing it!

WritingWillow said...

My mind is completely blown. Who knew there was a "proper" way to weave in your ends!?

Loving all your pins :)

Seanna Lea said...

That fried rice looks really similar to the one I make. I love how flexible it is, and it is super tasty.

kathy b said...

love the shirt but Fireman has declared NO MORE TYE DYE for me.
I love the DIY earrings. Must try them