Monday, 13 May 2013

Modification Monday: Gemini Dress for a Scorpio

Original Pattern: Gemini

Knitter Extraordinaire: Yvonne (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed the t shirt to a great dress, and added the mesh lace all the way around the neckline, and customized the raglan increases. Great details on her mods can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: I love the detail of the lace all around the neckline, and her solution for adjusting the raglan increases. The extra mesh lace at the hem of the dress ties it all together, for a very polished look. The dress is amazing- I love how it's chic enough for work or an event, and yet looks comfy and easy enough to pull on for the weekend. It's the perfect dress!


szyleczko said...

What a coincidence! I started knitting that blouse just yesterday :):):) Maybe I'll turn it into a dress... :) An ingenious idea! Thanks a lot!

Paula Bannon said...

Ooh that is super cute!

Kerryellen said...

I too was planning on starting this soon, I like the idea of lace all the way around the neck line, but I'll probably keep it as a t-shirt. Very cute modification!

Jane Richmond said...

This Gemini mod dress is absolutely incredible!!! I was so excited to see it, thank you for this post Julie :)