Friday, 22 February 2013

FO: Mudra Cuff

Mudra cuff final

Pattern: Mudra Cuff

Yarn: Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock

Mods: Added extra beads, so that each strand has one more repeat of the bead sections. Thanks to Laura who very kindly mailed me extra beads!

Notes: I had a tricky time with this. The instructions were really clear and I loved the videos on Laura's site to show how to do everything, but it still was very slow going for me- the combination of tension with the i cord and beads were not really my forte. Still, I very glad I tried it, and this kit was the perfect way to dip my toe into beaded knitting and see. It's accessible the finished result is really wearable and pretty.

I finished this Mudra Cuff a little bit after Christmas, but it's been tricky to photograph- I actually wear it quite a bit, but with the winter evenings still coming on fast, it's hard to get photos. It's not like a hat or sweater; something about the wrist feels like you need cozy indoor shots which I find tricky. Long-time blog readers will know that my best photos are outdoor ones, in any season.

Mudra Cuff 3

So, we finally got some clear shots while at a cafe in Paris that serves the best hot chocolate I have ever, ever had in my entire life. Guy ordered it, and said, 'you have to try this.' He was so right.Amazing hot chocolate, family time, and a cozy knitted bracelet- it was a lovely afternoon.

Mudra cuff 5


Voie de Vie said...

Well, it might have been a little tricky, but it turned out super. And with Lila in the photo, how could you go wrong? :)

PixieSam said...

This is so pretty, the efforts you put into it were definitely worth it.

Love the second pic with your gorgeous Lila.

Teresa said...

You got some wonderful photos there! The bracelet is lovely, and I'm super jealous/increda-curious about that hot chocolate!

Hilary said...

That's so pretty! I bet knitting with beads is one of those things that gets easier with time. I've never tried, but bet I'd have some trouble with it. And what wonderful photos! I love that you'll always have memories of that family time (and hot chocolate, yummm) when you look at them!

eliza said...

it's lovely! and hey, it's good to get out of the comfort zone every now and again, right? learn something new. that picture of lila kills me!

Zenitude said...

It's quite beautiful with just the right amount of sparkle. Love the pic of Lila in the background!

Loulou said...

Gorgeous .. the cuff and the Parisian photo op. The hot chocolate memory is the cherry on top (not to mention beautiful baby girl in there too.) xo

margaux said...

lovely cuff and adorable daughter!

Anonymous said...

Yep, best hot chocolates in Paris! Only beaten by one on top of a mountain pass in the Alps :)