Thursday, 3 May 2012

Time to Redo the Blog!

The winner of the Holla Knits Pattern Giveaway is Sabrina! Congrats, Sabrina!

I've been thinking that it is high time for a blog overhaul. I haven't even so much as changed the header since November 2010, so it's really time to freshen up. Are there any particular things you'd like to see in the new blog redesign?

Things I'm considering:
  • turning off the captcha for comments
  • having tabs for different sections: Patterns, Mod Mondays, Tutorials, etc.
  • focusing on more creative photo layouts
  • Ads for like minded blogs/sites/etc.
  • new colour scheme (suggestions? grey is feeling really tired and done to death)
 I'm open to suggestions! Thoughts?


juicyknits said...

The captcha has to go. It's so annoying. And it's very easy to turn off. Well, unless you get loads of spam comments.

Personally, I think ads are a no-no on a non-commercial blog. But if you want blogging to bring in some bucks, that's the way to go. I'd expect a shift to more knitting product reviews, giveaways and alike.

Anonymous said...

Would definitely like to see more pictures of the nice work you do :) I am here for the pictures! a Finn

kingshearte said...

I would also support turning off the captcha (although I'm pretty sure I still have it on on mine... I should try going without for a while), unless it causes problems. I didn't mind it before, but I loathe the new ones google has. I'm not a robot, but I find the new ones borderline illegible sometimes.

Have you played around with the dynamic views at all? They're kinda fun and swanky-looking.

melaniejennifer said...

I agree that the word verification is highly annoying.

I would love to see more pics and also think tabs would be great.

I really like green or other earthy tones for blogs.

Oh and also posts on how you pick projects, what kinds of yarns you choose and why, etc. More of the behind the scenes of your great knits.

Good luck!

Kat said...

Yeah captcha is annoying! I took mine off a few weeks ago. I approve comments before they are posted anyway so I can get rid of any spam there. I haven't gotten much though even since turning off the captcha.

I think tabs are a great idea! They are helpful for when searching for your past posts.

I would love to give my blog a makeover. I have seen some cool premade templates on etsy that are quite cheap. I would love to get something custom done but I can't afford it and I have no idea how to do it myself.

Can't wait to see what your new blog looks like!

Sabrina said...

Hooray!!! Thank you SO much! I'll PM you right away :D

setinink said...

I really like the idea of the tabs for different sections-- it makes archives much more manageable and easier to search through. And a new layout is always nice/exciting :)

Audry said...

I'm actually a fan of ads when they are done in the style similar to what One Sheepish Girl does. It feels more persona and I enjoy seeing who supports her.

Good luck with the blog update!

Hishandmaid said...

turn off comments? I would prefer you didn't though I hardly comment. oh reading the above comments, I see you would be turning off the word verification. You can try it, and if you get to much span, it won't be unreasonable or offensive to turn it back on.

Ads, I would prefer you didn't either.

Do you want to go with more of a "website" look or a blog?

Evelyn said...

A refresher would be lovely ... even just to get your creative juices flowing! I have to say that knittedbliss was one of the first knitting blogs I read and you know how fond I am of your style and writing. I'm torn about ads -- I never really look at them when I'm reading blogs but I also know they help generate a little cash so it's such a personal decision on how you want your blog to grow. I second the comment about wanting to hear more about your process! Have fun revamping!

Lindsey said...

I think all of those ideas sound wonderful! Looking forward to the new look!

Claire (modernmedievalist) said...

Sounds great! I always like a cream, white, or pale yellow background on a blog with a pretty header - it always feels so fresh and easy to read. I personally don't mind the word-verification - spam comments tend to irritate me more. On the subject of ads... I do agree with the majority of commenters that ads of the Google AdSense ilk are very annoying. However, I LOVE relevant sponsored ads - it always helps me find interesting new things. Tabs and photos are another great idea; they'll make things very organized and easy to navigate. Good luck on the blog overhaul - have fun, too!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

Knit-Chat said...

Tabs would be good. Main page could have the blog, Patterns - Free and For Sale, Wee Wednesdays, Modification Mondays, New Designs, FO's by year.

Turning of captchas would be good too.

More pictures of Lila and her baby knits, please....

LittleWit said...

I don't know what the blogger options are, but on my wordpress blog I have the ability to set it so that comments go into moderation unless they have previously left a comment. It works out well for me since I mostly get repeat commenters (aka my friends) and if someone is new, just one comment and my software recognizes them as non spam.

Erica said...

I think that you could get away with a brighter/fresh kind of feeling to your blog. I really enjoy reading (but have never posted--until now!) because you are always so positive and up-beat. I think it would fit the personality of the blog well. The photography is gorgeous--I'd love to see more of that, too! :)

One thing I will request is that you continue to have it so that the full entries can be read in Google Reader. Often times, bloggers do a re-design and then only the title of the entries shows, which forces people to click through. I often click through to the actual page, but it annoys me when I am forced to do so.

Jacey said...

I'm good with or without the captcha. I always enjoy your blog, but I totally understand the desire for an update. I've been thinking the same thing myself!

Rachel said...

I completely agree with changing up the color scheme. It would be nice to see something brighter or more cheerful.

Monique Dean said...

I like the idea of having tabs for different sections, ads for other blogs, and get colorful with it.

Kathy in Michigan USA said...

My one color favor to ask is PLEASE, don't use white lettering on a black background. So many websites do this & it is so hard to read for a long period of time. As for that "captcha" thing (never knew there was a term for it), I vote to get rid of it also. Sometimes I can't read it. It reminds me of the blown up letters in urban graffiti. Otherwise, go on with what pleases you. We all love being part of your knitting world.

christine m. said...

I like the tabs idea for different areas of your blog. and i'm always a fan of colour.. so anything bright and fresh would get my vote. i also love photography, so adding more inspiring photos would also be a plus (not that what you have not isn't great!).

Kristen said...

I like tabs and anything that make it easy to maneuver through a site. I like simple looking blogs and web sites, too much going on and I usually move on. Music and the word captcha mostly keep me away so I'm glad you are considering removing the word thingy.

Hope all is going well with your little baby and you are all getting enough sleep, or at least a little bit of it!

n said...

i would keep it simple, no tabs.
when things get complicated it is harder to keep track.

i can see you going purple or blue. or green. lol.

and the headline, the stockholm scarf.
after all, it is where you started!
maybe...some tiny feet in there too.

janet b said...

Woohoo, a new look is always refreshing! It's your blog, so showcase whatever you feel like =)

I love reading about what you are knitting and since I have been knitting for less than 2 years, I am keen on learning more about how you choose your projects and yarns, etc.

I think it would be cool to have a tab featuring your FOs by the year. Even just for your own enjoyment - I think it would be neat for you to see a gallery of the knits you accomplished over time =)

Anonymous said...

I'm all for turning off the captcha - you can always turn it back on if you start getting more spam. I love the idea of tabs for the different topics. I'm all for a mellow color where the readability is still great.

Oh, and I love your FO pictures, so I'm all for more photographs