Friday, 6 April 2012

New Design: Sencha Scarf

This is the most recent new design to debut, as part of the Tanis Fiber Arts 2012 Year in Colour Club:

sencha 3

I'm really happy with this scarf- I love the diagonal eyelet, the fringe, and the drape makes this seems so classic yet fashionable. It's these sort of scarves that I end up wearing the most (except in the dead of winter), because they easily complete the look of an outfit, as well as look good with a spring/fall coat. The pattern is an exclusive for the Year in Colour Club, until 2013. But when it is live for non-club members, I'll definitely blog about it!

I had a tricky time with this design at first- I had this idea for a really textured cowl, and I was totally set on it.  I swatched many different stitches, but in this yarn (which is an exclusive merino/silk base for some of the Colour Club months) it just fell flat. Because this yarn has a lot of drape in it, and it wanted to be knitted into a drapey fabric. And I spent at least a solid week trying to force it to do something it didn't want to do.

sencha 1

The yarn, won in the end. The yarn always wins, because it knows what it needs to be. It had been a while since I had been reminded of that. It's knits like this that remind me that when you have the right yarn for the right pattern, it all comes together. And if you're struggling, then you've got to choose- are you going to change the pattern or are you going to change the yarn?

I'm so glad I changed the pattern. This yarn knew what it wanted to be. I just had to listen.

sencha 2

p.s.- Doesn't Tanis look amazing in these shots?


Allison said...

Gorgeous! Also, you are on the cover of the Patternworks yarn catalog in the Spring Garden Tee. I might have squealed, "I KNOW WHO SHE IS!" when it showed up in the mailbox yesterday.
If you don't have a copy and want one, I'd be happy to send it along (because I don't know about you, but being on the cover of a magazine is pretty awesome).

by Annie Claire said...

love that last shot - so much energy, shes shining! pretty scarf, love the colour way

eliza said...

the scarf turned out beautifully, and that green is so so you!

Anonymous said...

As I wrote on the Ravelry Thread, I love the yarn and the pattern. I just have a question for you, have you made a chart of the pattern? I have a much easier time reading from a chart, to me it is much more visual.
Ann (mormorknitter)

Julie said...

Hi Ann,

I didn't see your question about the chart anywhere in the thread! I'll message you directly.

Sarah said...

Congrats on another gorgeous design, thanks for sharing a little of your design process too :) Hope that Baby isn't kicking too much!

Preeti said...

I love that fringe! The beauty of the yarn really shines with this pattern.

kingshearte said...

Yes. Yes she does. And the scarf looks pretty fab, too!

Lisle said...

It is a pretty scarf, and Tanis looks GREAT!

Evelyn said...

I love how you described the process of designing with this yarn. Isn't it funny how yarn can be even more stubborn than the knitter (and we can be a stubborn bunch). I'm excited to cast on and love the design.

CanarySanctuary said...

I know! Yarn absolutely knows what it wants to be. And if you try to defy it... trouble and frustration shall rain down upon you. Like a very sad rain.