Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stockholm Scarf: Ahora en español !

I don't have any Spanish at all, but fortunately the marvellous ASun (Ravelry ID, and her fabulous blog where she recently posted about her beautiful Aidez cardigan that she turned into a hoodie) volunteered to translate the pattern to help out her fellow Spanish knitters. And I'm so glad she did!


You can access the Spanish download from the Ravelry pattern page, here. Thank you Asun!!


Vanessa said...

Que lindo! Spanish may be my first language but I learned to knit in English. Same for my mom. She knits in Spanglish :P

Etoile said...

Would you like it in French? Let me know, I love to follow your blog, so it would be a pleasure! ;)

Sunsun said...

It's been a pleasure!