Monday, 22 February 2010

Modification Monday: Unconsecrated Nutkins

Original Pattern: Nutkin

Knitter Extraordinaire: Carrie (Rav id)

Mods: Carrie heavily modified the pattern, keeping only the hemmed cuff and a similar stitch pattern. Everything else is different! She mirror-flipped the pattern charts for symmetry, modified the stitch pattern to eliminate the yarn over holes, added stitches to make a slightly larger size, changed the heel flap to eye of partridge, altered the toe pocket to be more rounded and kitchenered it shut.

What Makes This Awesome: Nutkins are already a lovely sock pattern, but I really admire Carrie's carefully revamped Nutkin. The mods are subtle and striking, all to create the kind of sock that she would enjoy wearing and knitting. I'm a bit of a sucker for eye of partridge heels (and linen stitch heels), and it's great to see such a thorough modification of a pattern that is still recognizably a Nutkin. Project page, including lots of great details on the modifications, can be found here.


Hilary said...

Yeah, that's pretty awesome. Those socks are perfect! Gorgeous color, too.

CanarySanctuary said...

Thanks for the sock mod post - having recently become enamoured with said garment, I'm all on the lookout for modding possibilities!