Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Knitwatch09: Mid-Feb Edition

Ellen Pompeo Lazy Cable Sweater
Julie and I Ahem, Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigel went out for lunch last week. Ellen is wearing a super cute cabled sweater. No idea who it's by but I love love love lazy gigantic cables.
Ellen Pompeo Lazy Cable Sweater
I have a sweater from our Quiksilver Womens line that has a similar cable.
Since Kevin scooped it up in December I have not gone more than a few days without throwing it on. I'm afraid I'll wear it out. Next up is Freida Pinto in grey pullover. I couldn't find a good view of whatever that embellishment is on her neckline.
Freida Pinto Gathered Bow Sweater Freida Pinto Gathered Bow Sweater
Not sure if it's a bow or a gathered ruffle? One piece or an add on? What do you think? Here we have the Duffster, one of my favs, with a cute coffee run ensemble. I dig the tone on tone she's got here. The scarf is perfectly simple and super cashz.
HIlary Duff Enbellished Scarf HIlary Duff Enbellished Scarf
The edge could be crocheted or knitted and then sewn on after. I like the relaxed gauge that give it that stringy feel. Katherine Heigel wears a sleeveless cardi with an outfit I'd love to own. Le sigh. It looks great in the first photo, worn open. The second photo shows what it's like when it's wrapped closed, and look super cozy.
Katherine Keigl Shrugish Cardi Katherine Keigl Shrugish Cardi
Annalynne Mccord is wearing a chrocheted scarf and eyebrows that are way too dark. We get it, you aren't a natural blond.
Annalynne Mccord Crochet Scarf Annalynne Mccord Crochet Scarf
Not much to say here. Average scarf on an average tween actress. But Rihanna on the other hand....
Rihanna Skull Knit Dress Rihanna Skull Knit Dress
First thought-DomiKNITrix. Julie gave me her first book a while back and there was a similar pattern for a mens sweater. Second-skulls are dead to me unless they are on an Alexander McQueen Scarf. Third-Still a nice bit of intarsia/fairisle. Fourth-Rihanna can wear anything. Last we have Shenae Grimes, who is an actress(cough) on the new 90210 teen slutfest. Clearly, I'm not a fan. Which is why I'm suprised that she had such a kickass cardi. The musical theme is imaginative, fun and totally great against her tousled brown hair.
Shenae Grimes Music Note Cardi Shenae Grimes Music Note Cardi
That's as nice as I can be talking about this girl who butchered one of my favorite childhood shows. Even with Brenda, Kelly and now Donna resurfacing I can't bring myself to watch any more. It's too sad.


Cassiemarie said...

I LOVE hillary duff's scarf!
I am so going to try and make something like that *runs to fabric stash*

Susan said...

Love the pics. Us knitters are ahead of the style curve. Your knit piece is amazing. I don't blame you if you wear it out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all the pictures are SUPER CUTE and I want to have them all! I have a thing for cable these days so I love the cable pullover. The grey pullover looks like a add-on bow (pick up stitches) and stitches in the middle of the bow to secure it. Very interesting! I also love the sleeveless cardigan....perfect for this kind of weather....cozy!
Thanks for sharing. You gave me tons of idea for my next project(s) now!

andrea said...

Oooh, that weird collar on Frieda!!!

Hilary said...

Your celebrity knitwatches are always so great...this post was no exception! Thanks yet again for the inspiration -- I ADORE Freida's sweater.

Girl Kae said...

TOTALLY loving the Frieda sweater. It is beyond cute, and I must have it!!! Any idea who the designer was?

madonnaearth said...

McCord may not be a fave for you, but I love the vest she's wearing!