Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sulka Love and Self Portrait Sunday

I swear, I only meant to do a swatch of the Marisol Sulka for the Bulky Mini Cardigan and then, before I knew it:Yup. I'm smitten. And this yarn is heaven. HEAVEN. I should have planned to start Self Portrait Sunday when I got back from the UK, but no matter- let's resume. So I took another stab at it this evening: And I actually feel like I learned something from this. First, I have a tough time being comfortable looking straight into a camera lens. So doing something like this (I'm posing- I don't lay on my floor like a rag doll for sport) at least gives me something else to think about. Also, that t-shirt and shorts were not what I first put on for today's self portrait. I had on a purple dress, which I think made for a better photo. The solid colour and the fact that it was one item meant fewer visual distractions. The background (my extremely messy bedroom) is a bit visually noisy. But I didn't post the photo of me in the purple dress because at that angle, you could see right down the front and it was an eyeful of cleavage. Although not ideal, I have to admit I have a new found respect for the bra I was wearing!


Anonymous said...

Ah, you are gorgeous! I have problems looking in the camera as well... especially in long shots, so I tend to just not do it.

That cardigan is darling too. :)

Anonymous said...

You are utterly lovely.

And you hit the nail on the head for me too: I hate looking straight into the camera.

You are inspiring me to do something similar. It makes no sense that I am so afraid of the camera unless I am standing behind it.

Macoco said...

That is hysterical about the purple dress! I've had that happen a few times - it's a little eye opening to say the least.

Monique said...

Nice start on the cardi! I like that you can see the shaping in the back really well. Very pretty.

Susan said...

Man - I have the yarn for the bulky cardigan and then with Ravelry... forgot all about that project. Yours looks great so far! Your self-portrait is amazing btw.