Friday, 21 March 2008

It's official - Spring has sprung

The knitting community is taking notice of this and is constantly posting/reposting these gloriously enticing patterns that make me cringe inside. It's not nearly warm enough to be thinking about halters or tanks. Actually that's a lie, I've just bought this, this and this from work.
Yuki superstar
Okay, so now that I've ruined my credibility in saying that it's too early to be thinking spring.. here are those enticing patterns I was talking about. These first few are ones that deserve a second look.
Short Sleeve Blousant from Knit.1 Summer 07 This gorgeous one by Glory8 Silk Slip from Lingerie Style Elliot Anne Spencer by Canary Sanctuary This fantastic one is from Minabear She's also got this great cowl sweater I've been lusting after. Cabled Long Cardi from Vogue Spring/Summer 08 Chop a few inches off the waistline and the hemline, add a few more buttons perhaps..
Here is a link to the full Vogue Spring/Summer Preview -LINK- I'm not particularly bowled over by anything, but the second one in on the "urban outfitters" is allllllriiight. Those are the front runners for me. What are you looking to make this spring/summer? I leave you with some toonage for toe tappin: vampire weekend - a punk, oxford comma, cape cod, kwassa kwasaa, walcott wilco - hate it here (fav, but everything they do is awesome) american boy - estelle & kanye digitalism - pogo, zdarlight, pulse, kingdom remix, idealism a-trak remix, Hot Chip -Sensual Seduction slow mix The Rolling Stones - You can't always get what you want Soulwax mix Crystal Castles- not sure what the track name is but they have good beats


Knit - R - Done said...

I'll be honest, I'm thinking of Spring--even though I live in the Norhtern US and there is still snow to come.

I make up for it by thinking Fall when it's still August.

Anonymous said...

I've been buying tons of spring wear too. I can't help myself, everything is so colourful and pretty.
You work for Roxy? I didn't know we even had those in Canada.

elizabeth marley said...

I was surprised to see you thinking about spring, especially considering it's still pretty cold in philly. Isn't it winter in Canada until, like, July?