Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Snowed in, Toronto

I had this little idea to blend two patterns together, and turn a Shifting Sands into a parallelogram style loose almost Montego like, but way wider. It was good in theory, but knitting it was a beeeootch. She wasn't kidding about all those cables I can assure. I had no patience for the piece, frogged and found a copy of the ubiquitous Branching Out I thought I would hate the garter selvage stitches, but it actually gives it the balance that the lace needs for it to be stable and defined. I'm using some left over shine sport in orchid. Same color as my caliomawhateverucallit. Cast on as me and kev made the journey up to Blue Mtn. The storm was picking proper by the time we passed Barrie. We heard from Jena (who was up there already) that it was batsh*t up there. Oh and that the temperature was -30, -39 with windchill. Yes, at this point I realized I was insane. I really like this shine sport. It's soft and reminds me of Lelah, which I also used these addis to make. That wench, how I love her. Unfortunately It dark really quickly so I only had time for one repeat. The riding was good, first time out since Ste. Anne, but I really started to pick up my speed and confidence again. Bloody hell did my knee hurt after I got out of the car. It took us 4 hours to get home. Jena knew the area so she was the navigator and I dozed off in the back. The snow storm was insane. With total whiteouts every 30-40 seconds I'm glad Kev has his hot new imprezza else we wouldn't have gotten home. Oh! And, the other day I fell in love with a sharply dressed ginger pup. I was shopping for cupcakes and rain boots with Chris, when, here she was tied up outside of a shoppers. Check out his cable sweater, cute huh? Looks pretty easy too. I wonder how much they retail for?


Maryse said...

Hello dynamic ladies from Team Knit! I tagged you for the You make my Day Award! I really enjoy visiting you regularly! Hope you both had a happy Valentine's Day!