Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Celeb knits : Charlize layers the right way

I love this whole outfit. It's washed up sailor blue and gray is so easy on the eyes, she's not bad either.
But the way she (or her stylist) has chosen to incorporate soft knits is perfect. It's slightly Olsenish mixed with Kate Hudson, don't you think? The beret is gorgeous, light fluffy and holds its shape well. How much hair do you think she has under there? The loose sweater is divine. I'd like all of it. In my closet, now.
On a much sadder note however, a six alarm fire errupted overnight at Queen St & Bathurst. Our friends were evacuated at 5am this morning when the fire was still a 2 alarm blaze. I didn't know the difference between the different alarms until I read this.
-Johnny Mad Photos I can't believe it was that bad!!! And that CLOSE!@ Trav says everything from Ali Baba's to the Dollar Store is gone. I hope to give you an update later when the smoke has cleared and it's all settled down. So far nobody has been injured and the buildings are probably in embers. Here are some recent shots.
Horrible. I hear that the circumstances surrounding the fire are.. shall we say, fishy? Home Depot, or some other big box company has been trying to buy up the land beside the parking lot. But the City declared the surrounding land historic. That even if they had the millions and millions of dollars they couldn't buy the land legally. How interesting is it that the fire spread straight to Ali Baba's. The last store on the strip. Co-incidence, or was it a drug lab like some might think? Juicy, Juicy.


marthajane said...

Scary, indeed.
In the shot of the four firefighters, the one on the far left is my friend Jackie.
She's often told me how scary some of those apartments are from a fire safety angle. I'm so glad I live in the urban-sub-urb of Mimico. I hope everyone is safe.
And insured.

jshinex said...

awesome photos! insane fire!!
methlab accident who knows - could be an accident, but chances are slim. Insurance fraud? Check!

Susan said...

That's horrible! It's hard not to get conspiracy theory when these things happen. Only time will tell.

Travis Cowdy said...


So sad. I still can't believe it.

Adriana said...

Wow, scary stuff.