Friday, 4 January 2008

Poll: Which side do you like more?

*poll will close sunday evening* The Purple Purl has a great selection of hand-crafted organicish buttons in many different woods and mediums like walnuts, coconut, purple heart wood and even antler bone from deer and moose! The bone ones freaked me out a tad as I learned what it was made out of while I was freakin holding some. Sensing my apprehension it was then explained to me that the maker of these buttons lives way buttfuck out there and animals do lose their antlers naturally and often on their sprawling property . I'll find out the name next time I visit because these buttons are spectacular. Actually so spectacular that I picked these ones out judging them by their intended back side! Only problem now is that I think they actually look as good as the intended front side and I'm torn between them :(
I need your opinion blogland, please check out the photos and vote below. (The voting is anonymus and no signup is necessary) Back: Back/Beige Center Back/Beige Center Back/Beige Center Front: Front/Scuffed Side Front/Scuffed Side Front/Scuffed Side Front/Scuffed Side
which side of the button do you like best?
a) back
b) front free polls


Heather said...

Why not mix it up with some back and some front? They look fantastic both ways.

Farrah said...

I love the buttons and the poll- how fun. I want to like the back because it seems cooler, but I think I like the front just a tad more.

Anonymous said...

I like both sides, but the two-tone back is my favorite. I agree with Heather! Mix it up! :^)