Thursday, 6 December 2007

Jen's Jambalaya

Let me tell ya'll bout the time when I first decided that after watching many hours of back to back food network, I was a truly great chef. That this night I was going to make for my family a huge pot of Jambalaya. True, I completely ignored the fact that I didn't know what the dish was but forged ahead regardless.... whatevs. Three smoke alarms and tons of rice later I had what I thought was Jambalaya. Let me tell you I was not even close! I had an overly cayenned dry rice pilaf that's what I had. Lord love the look on my brother's face when I tried to serve him up that. Poor kid,the things I tried to feed him that year while I was hooked on the food network... before I gave up my dream of having my own food show... cookware line... designer aprons... anyhoo where was i?
Right. I made Jambalaya again tonight, and it was sensational!!!! While cooking I realized one thing. Bangs and cooking don't mix. I couldn't find a headband but I remembered I made a Calorimetry on the flight home from Tobago(more about the trip another time). So I busted out the freshly made calorimetry and secured with a sweet pin my girlfriend Kenzie gave me a while back.
specs: Shine sport orchid held double, 4.5mm straights, CO 88 instead, repeated row 5 until there were 6 holes on either side, spray blocked, 70% of a 50g skein used.
nice stitch deff dontcha think? and p.s. I hate saying Calorimetry. It bugs me to say it so much!


Anonymous said...

I hate saying it too and normally just refer to it as a hairband because even Calo bugs me to no end.

Karolion said...

oh wow that looks really nice when it's not the whole pattern! I like the securing it with a pin idea too!

I don't think I know anyone who can pronounce that thing right. I normally just go "this thing" and point to it.

sulafaye said...

It's headband in my book too. Yours certainly is cute (although I have to say those mad photography skills are most impressive--back of the head, wow!).

Team Knit ! said...

lol sulafaye! I bet Toby would be proud :D