Thursday, 11 October 2007

So Spoiled!!

That is the lovely (and huge!) haul of goodies I received from my Knit 1 Tea 2 Swap Pal, Penny. I can't emphasize the hugeness of this box I picked up from the post office today- and i had made the mistake of going to the library beforehand to pick up some Nigella Lawson cookbooks, so I was killing myself walking home with my big box of goodies and a bunch of heavy cookbooks. But oh, the joy of opening up the box from Penny! Here's the full list, just to make you all jealous:
- 2 tea bag plates (holders?)
- 1 skein of Briggs and Little yarn, and 3 packets of lime kool-aid for dying
- 3 (!!!) skeins of Ovation Kid Mohair (in green, my favourite colour!)
- a box of honey sticks, a jar of raspberry jam, and a tin of cream
- a box of jasmine tea, and a box of mango peach white tea
- Anna's ginger biscuits (I LOVE ginger!)
- hand cream and body lotion, and a vanilla candle
- two books: 'A Passion for Tea', and a tea shop mystery, 'Chamomile Mourning'
- A very fascinating magazine called 'Tea Time' from the folks that produce the magazine Southern Lady, so I assume they really know what they are talking about- there are over 100 recipes and hostess tips! I'll be like Jackie O or something after this.
-4 adorable hand knit cupcakes: One is vanilla with coconut icing, strawberry with strawberry icing, vanilla with chocolate icing, and a black forest cupcake with 'leaking cherry filling'. And there are sprinkles! (bugle beads). They are so amazing!And in one of those bizarre moments of serendipity, she included a box of Vachon Ah Caramel! cookies. I was in a conversation with a coworker about these today, saying how much I loved them, and how my mom used to put them in my lunch every day when I was a kid. That good memory prompted me to email my mom to tell her how much I loved them, and she responded about how much she loved them as a kid. I haven't seen a box of these in ages-and then today I open up my box....that's the universe clearly telling me to eat Ah Caramel! cookies. And who am I to argue with the universe?!

It honestly felt like Christmas. Penny, I can't thank you enough.


Penny said...

I am very glad you are enjoying all your goodies. I hope you have a lovely tea party.

crystal said...

OMG, AH CARAMELS! I love those. Sweet deliciousness :)

Chemical Robotiks said...

ah caramel cookies are tasty

Team Knit ! said...

Actually, I should include the email excerpt from my mother about those:

Hi Honey:

Actually I also remember those caramel cakes when i was growing up. We never had them at home, but whenever we visited my grandmother on my father's side in Cobalt, they always had them. My mouth use to water when I saw them on the plate! I think that is why I bought them for you (I didn't want you to miss out!)


(my mom signs off her emails 'LM', for 'Love Mom')

- Julie

elizabeth marley said...

Wow! That's like the biggest swap box ever! The knitted cupcakes are too adorable.