Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Montego Bay Scarf II, III, VI

Montego in the Morning I love the smell of a finished montego in the morning.... :P
I don't know what it is about this pattern that takes hold of me. But I become posessed and knit for hours on end, past my bedtime in hopes of churning out a few more rows. This montego took about 9 days of streetcar rides and way way too many episodes of South Park.
Straw  Color Variations
I love it though, and the subtle color changes are why fleece artist fibers cost what they do.
Montego bay Scarf Montego Bay Scarf
I hope to get an action shot for ya on my next Montego post. On Sunday, the weather was beyond beautiful so I met up with my homeboy Travis and took a stroll down Queen west for sea silk and smoothies. My girlfriend wanted Sangria and Amethyst for the next two, but upon seeing Sangria in person(yuk)I made the executive decision to go with Origin instead. Glad that I did too. I mean look at it. Beautiful.
DSC01969 DSC01960 DSC01974 Origin DSC01975 DSC01976 DSC01983 Here's a quick tease of the amethyst. Loooooove it. DSC01971


Team Knit ! said...

You sure know how to whip up a gorgeous Montego, my dear!!

shopgirl said...

Consider both of yourselves tagged! In the words of Girl Kae, play along if you like.

shopgirl said...

pretty yarn, btw:)

barefoot rooster said...

I am planning to make a Montego bafor my mom -- thanks for the heads up on the Sangria color.

Team Knit ! said...

tagged? ooh! I can't wait to do this when I get home :)

Kamicha said...

Wow, I love that scarf! Simple and sophisticated.